10+ Free Webinar Certificate Templates (2024 Update)

Here is the list of the best editable certificate webinar templates that you can use right away. Reward your attendees with the right certificate design.

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Uliana Kysheniuk

Updated: April 22, 2024

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Free webinars with certificates have become an increasingly popular way to share knowledge and connect with remote audiences. As webinars continue to gain popularity, it's important to ensure attendees feel appreciated and recognized for their participation.

In this article, we collected the best editable certificate webinar templates provided by Certifier to suit almost any webinar topic. 

Why do you need to issue webinar certificates to your attendees?

Nowadays, webinars are perceived as valuable sources of information, providing people the possibility to obtain knowledge online. On the other hand, with such a drastic rise in the number of online webinars conducted, one should make incredible efforts to stand out among others. One of the most effective means to do that is by issuing certificates to your webinar participants.

Issuing certificates of participation is a great way to encourage your webinar attendees, award the best performers, and boost the recognition of your institution. Luckily, one does not need a degree in design to create and issue stylish certificates for webinars. Use Certifier for free and customize every template below to your needs. The sky is the limit here.

Webinar certificate templates (free to edit and download!)

Here's the list of the ready-made certificate templates for webinars that you can use and customize however you want to. Check them out!

#1 Sales webinar certificate template

Webinar certificate of participation template in light blue colors, with a QR code and dedicated places for the signatures.

Nowadays, entrepreneurs are eager to get to know how to inspire buyers, maximize sales motivation, and win sales negotiations. If you are launching a webinar on sales, do not miss the certificate design provided above! The power of this template is the fact that you can add the name of your institution and replace the provided logo with your own. When your students share their certificates, you will get additional recognition and popularity.

#2 Entrepreneurship webinar template

Simple webinar participation certificate with bold orange elements and a QR code.

Launching a webinar in the field of entrepreneurship and how to start a business? Check out this certificate example that will suit an entrepreneurship webinar to a T. Add your logo on the top and increase the recognition of your webinar even more!

#3 Personal development webinar certificate template

Webinar certificate of completion template with geometric and colorful elements on the left and dedicated space for certificate details on the right.

Webinars on personal development have attracted a lot of attention recently. People are highly interested in ways to tackle depression and avoid burnout. Such a colorful certificate template is a perfect match for a personal growth webinar. Try and see for yourself!

#4 Health and wellness certificate webinar template

White and blue webinar certificate of completion template with golden badge, QR code, date of issue, and issue ID.

As people become more conscious about their health and overall well-being, webinars focusing on topics such as fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and mental health have gained significant popularity. If you want to acknowledge and motivate the participants of your webinar to continue their journey toward a healthier lifestyle, this certificate template is just what you need.

#5 Technology and innovation webinar certificate template

Webinar participation certificate template with checked background and technology vibe.

In the fast-paced world of technology, staying ahead of the curve is essential. That's why we've designed a modern and tech-inspired certificate template specifically tailored for technology and innovation webinars. It is a perfect fit for a technology webinar, providing participants with recognition for their knowledge in this field.

#6 Language learning webinar certificate template

Colorful certificate of participation for webinars with a QR code and slightly checked certificate background.

Language learning webinars serve as a valuable tool for participants to improve their language abilities while immersing themselves in diverse cultures. The certificate template presented here, adorned with its lively and vivid design, proves to be the perfect fit for a language learning webinar. It enables participants to proudly exhibit their commitment and advancement in mastering a new language.

#7 Parenting and child development certificate template for webinars

Green certificate of completion for webinars with clear layout and organized certificate elements.

This vibrant and engaging certificate is perfect for participants in parenting webinars. It recognizes the valuable insights gained during the event and acknowledges the commitment and dedication towards fostering healthy and nurturing environments for children. The certificate's sleek design and thoughtful layout make it a perfect memento for attendees to display their participation and knowledge proudly.

#8 Environmental sustainability webinar certificate of participation

Green webinar participation certificate template with green badge and slightly patterned background.

This certificate template features a modern and clean design with a focus on nature and eco-friendly elements. The vibrant colors and imagery symbolize the importance of environmental sustainability and convey a sense of responsibility towards the planet. The certificate includes customizable fields for adding the webinar attendee's name, the webinar title, the date of participation, and the organizer's name or logo.

#9 Design and architecture certificate template for webinars

Simple webinar certificate of completion with a blue section and a QR code on the left, and a golden badge at the top right corner.

Design is perceived to be among the fastest-developing niches. Thus, constant skill polishing is a must for those who want to achieve great results in this field. This is why webinars on Web and Graphic Design are gaining more and more popularity these days. This colorful geometry-based certificate design is great for any kind of webinar devoted to design, architecture, or art.

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#10 Career and business growth webinar certificate template

Minimalistic and organized webinar certificate template with a ribbon and golden badge.

Finding your career path is not always easy. That is why career webinars are constantly attracting a lot of attention. This certificate template is a perfect match for the webinar devoted to business, career, team relationships, leadership, etc.

#11 Fashion and styling certificate webinar template

Violet and decorative webinar certificate of completion that user can download from the Certifier library of webinar templates.

Such topics as style, fashion trends, makeup, and hairstyles are among the most popular themes for webinars in 2021. This elegant template perfectly matches the styling and fashion field and is a great certificate example that your students can get as an award for webinar participation!

#12 Personal finance webinar certificate template

Blue simple webinar certificate of participation with basic blue ribbon, golden badge and QR code on the right and certificate elements like signatures and recipient’s name on the left.

More and more people are interested in financial growth and money management. Thus, personal finance, generating passive income, making money as a freelancer, etc., are popular webinar topics these days. You can choose the template above to accompany your webinar on financial growth. Add a logo on top and gain additional popularity and recognition when your students share the certificate on their social media!

#13 Handcraft and art webinar certificate template

Light green certificate template with dynamic lines on the left and golden badge on the right, suitable for every webinar event.

The webinars about how to create something with your hands got exceptional popularity during the COVID pandemic. Having a lot of free time in quarantine results in discovering new talents and skills! Thus, if you are launching a webinar aimed at teaching people to DIY something or develop their artistic skills, do not miss this bright and bold certificate template!

#14 Online marketing webinar certificate template

Dark violet webinar participation certificate with pink recipient’s name and dedicated place for certificate ID and date of issue.

The biggest half of businesses are migrating online. Thus, webinars on social media marketing, online promotion, and advertising have gained great popularity. The template provided above perfectly matches the field of online marketing and can be used for the respective webinar!

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#15 Public speaking webinar certificate template

Minimalistic, black and white certificate template with a dedicated right section for date of issue, certificate number and a QR code.

Being able to speak so that you are listened to is a real art. Polishing one's public speaking skills, together with getting rid of the fear of speaking in front of a big audience, is exactly what you can teach your students during the public speaking webinar. The certificate template provided above matches the public speaking topic due to its elegance and simplicity.

#16 Leadership and team building webinar certificate template

Traditional webinar certificate template with decorative and classic certificate elements and a QR code.

Effective leadership and strong teamwork are essential for success in any organization or business. They provide valuable insights and strategies for individuals aspiring to become great leaders. This certificate template, with its professional design, is an ideal choice for the team-building webinar, recognizing participants for their dedication to personal and professional growth.

#17 Travel and adventure webinar certificate of participation

Professional webinar certificate template with a background with subtle lines and highlighted blue tags for the date of issue and certificate number.

Exploring new destinations and experiencing different cultures is a passion for many. This certificate design perfectly complements a travel and adventure webinar, celebrating the participants' love for exploration and wanderlust. However, it can be used for a wide variety of thematic webinars.

#18 Mental well-being webinar certificate template

Classic and traditional free certificate template to download in brown and light yellow colors, with ribbon and badge as a decorative element.

This certificate template features a calming color scheme and imagery that reflects the importance of mental health. The clean and modern design creates a sense of professionalism while maintaining a welcoming and approachable feel. 

Choose your own webinar templates

As you can see, you do not need to be a professional designer to create beautiful certificate templates and send them to your webinar participants. Choose the template, customize it to your needs and make certificates for webinars without the hassle. Do you need some more inspiration or want to make your own design from scratch?

Found the perfect template? Now, it's time to customize it with Certifier.
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