Discover Certifier’s Powerful Features

Explore 80+ advanced features for a streamlined, simplified & automated certificate generation.

Visual Design Builder

Edit graphic and text - Certifier features

Edit graphic & text

Adapt the content and the look of your digital certificates and badges by easily editing their graphic layout and text.

Add your logo - Certifier features

Add your logo

Create professional certificates and badges that promote your organization by adding your logo in one click.

Print your certificates - Certifier features

Print your certificates

Create certificates that can be printed for any purpose. Print credentials yourself and let recipients print their own. 

Design badges from templates - Certifier features

Design badges from templates

Create digital badges in minutes by choosing your favorite badge template and customizing it to your liking.

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Bulk Certificate Generator 

Generate certificates with spreadsheet - Certifier features

Generate certificates in bulk via spreadsheet

No more slow, manual certificate creation. Generate hundreds of certificates from a Google spreadsheet or MS Excel.

Personalize certificates with different names - Certifier features

Personalize certificates with dynamic attributes

Personalize multiple certificates at once with unique information like the recipient’s name or grades automatically.

Export credentials in pdf - Certifier features

Export & download credentials in PDF

Allow your recipients to one-click export and download their credentials in PDF format for easy sharing and printing.

Generate diplomas in bulk - Certifier features

Generate diplomas in bulk

Generate personalized diplomas for hundreds of recipients instantly with just one click.

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Credential Management

Update issued credentials - Certifier features

Update issued credentials in real time

Noticed a typo or a misspelled name? You can update issued credentials with a few clicks and fix any errors.

Set expiration date - Certifier features

Set & update the expiration date

Stay in control over issued certificates. Update and change the expiration date of certificates and manage renewal requests. All within one platform.

Manage change requests - Certifier features

Manage change requests seamlessly

Tired of incessant change requests, like fixing typos or misspelled names? Manage them directly from Certifier’s dashboard.

Use data filters - Certifier features

Use advanced group & data filters

Find issued certificates by filtering them on group and data, eliminating endless searches and misplaced documents.

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Social Sharing

Social media buttons - Certifier features

Use social media buttons for easy sharing

Enable your recipients to share their achievements with their network on different social media platforms.

Linkedin credentials - Certifier features

Add credentials on LinkedIn

Empower your recipients to impress their network and recruiters by adding their credentials to LinkedIn profiles.

Share badge on linkedin - Certifier features

Share digital badges on LinkedIn

Allow your recipients to show off their achievements to the professional world by sharing their digital badges on LinkedIn. 

Shareable urls - Certifier features

Create shareable credential URLs

Enable your recipients to share their certificates and badges by generating shareable credential URLs.

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Customizable Templates

Certificate templates - Certifier features

Certificate templates

Choose among 500+ pre-designed templates to create fully customizable digital certificates for every use case.

Badge Templates - Certifier features

Badge templates

Design creative digital badges using Certifier’s badge templates and customize them in a powerful badge builder.

Watermark free designs - Certifier features

Watermark-free designs

Create watermark-free certificates to boost your organization's professional image, authority, and overall credibility.

Customize colors - Certifier features

Customize colors

Customize the look of your certificates by choosing a custom color palette and changing the paper orientation.

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Credential Distribution

Send emails with certificates - Certifier features

Send emails with credentials in bulk 

Send hundreds of certificates and badges in one go, automatically assigning each recipient their corresponding credential.

Design emails - Certifier features

Design emails with a visual builder

Create eye-catching emails with a personalized look using Certifier's drag-and-drop visual email builder.

Customize the sender name - Certifier features

Customize the sender name, address, domain

Personalize your email identity. Customize the sender name, email address, and domain for emails that truly represent you.

Add CC & BCC - Certifier features

Add CC, BCC & Reply To addresses

Share credentials via email by CC-ing or BCC-ing recipients and enable a reply-to-address for easy control.

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Tracking & Analytics

Delivery analytics - Certifier features

Monitor credential delivery analytics

Use Certifier's dashboard to track published credentials, certificate click-through rates, and email open rates.

Credential interactions - Certifier features

Track credential interactions & stats

Monitor recipient certificate interactions and their impact on your organization with Certifier's Marketing Insights dashboard.

Credential history - Certifier features

View credential change history

Explore the credential history with dates for creation, publication, and updates. Stay informed at a glance.

Monthly reports - Certifier features

Review monthly performance reports

Get monthly email reports to quickly view key information about your issued certificates from the past 30 days.

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Powerful API & Integrations

Integrate with zapier - Certifier features

Integrate with 5,000+ apps via Zapier

Connect Certifier with the apps you’re already using to streamline and simplify your certification issuing workflows. 

Automated workflows - Certifier features

Create automated workflows

Automate certificate generation. Instantly issue certificates upon course completion, webinar conclusion, or survey submission.

Api support - Certifier features

Access API technical support

Run into an issue? Get instant help by accessing Certifier’s on-demand technical support team.

Powerful api - Certifier features

Do more with a powerful API

Leverage Certifier's API to integrate it into your apps and systems for even greater functionality and customization.

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Discover Certifier’s Powerful Features

Explore 80+ advanced features for a streamlined, simplified & automated certificate generation.

Account Management

Manage team access - Certifier features

Manage team access

Decide who can access issued certificates by inviting team members or restricting and revoking their permissions. 

Verify issuer status - Certifier features

Verify issuer status

Validate your organization's authenticity and credibility as a certificate issuer for an added layer of trust and reliability.

Export account data - Certifier features

Export account data in one click

Easily export your account data whenever you need it for backup, analysis, or smooth migration. 

Role based management - Certifier features

Role-based management (coming)

Leverage role-based management for simplified permissions allocation and efficient organizational workflow.

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Branding & Customization

Customize recipient wallet - Certifier features

Customize the recipients’ wallet look

Personalize your recipients’ portal view with your brand colors, relevant links, company logo, and customized footer text.

Customize email sender details - Certifier features

Customize your email sender details

Personalize your email identity. Customize the sender name, email address, and domain for emails that truly represent you.

Create white label credentials - Certifier features

Create white-label credentials

Create watermark-free credentials and customize them to match your branding - even in the free version of Certifier.

Credentials custom domain - Certifier features

Host credentials on a custom domain

Host credentials on your domain and remove Certifier's footer for a fully branded email and recipient view.

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Security & Compliance

Secure data storage - Certifier features

Secure data storage

Rest easy knowing that Certifier's platform securely stores your recipients' and credential data using SSL certificates.

Gdpr compliance - Certifier features

GDPR compliance

Create GDPR-compliant certificates, badges, and emails thanks to Certifier's data protection and privacy measures.

Service level agreements - Certifier features

Custom Service Level Agreements

Certifier's flexible and customizable SLAs ensure we go the extra mile to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Security review - Certifier features

Security Review

Request a special security review by our technical team to identify and fix security vulnerabilities. 

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Credential Hosting

Multi-language wallet - Certifier features

Navigate better with a multi-language wallet

Enable recipients to view credential pages in their native or preferred language, enhancing navigation.

Host your credentials - Certifier features

Host your credentials securely

Store issued credentials securely on an SSL-protected hosting platform to protect your data and recipients' information.

Host credentials on branded portal - Certifier features

Host credentials on a branded portal

Showcase issued credentials on a branded recipient website portal that reflects your visual identity.

Host credentials on own domain - Certifier features

Host credentials on your own domain

Level up your brand presence and strengthen your authority by hosting your credentials on your own domain.

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Create, Send and Manage Digital Credentials

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Customer Support

Request custom dev hours - Certifier features

Request custom dev hours

Request custom dev hours whenever you need specialized support from our development team.

Video tutorials - Certifier features

Watch our video tutorials

Learn to navigate Certifier with detailed video tutorials and uncover the full potential of all our features.

Knowledge base - Certifier features

Browse our extensive knowledge base

Explore Certifier’s features and get your questions answered by browsing our comprehensive knowledge base.

Request tailored demo - Certifier features

Request a demo tailored to your needs

Explore Certifier in one comprehensive presentation that walks you through the features you’re most interested in.

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Verification Features

Verify credentials via api - Certifier features

Verify credentials via API

Easily verify the validity of your issued credentials via Certifier’s Open API with the unique credential link.

Issuer kyc procedure - Certifier features

Issuer KYC procedure

Verify your issuer identity through our KYC procedure, ensuring trust and legitimacy for your certifications.

Monitor verification analytics - Certifier features

Monitor verification analytics

See how many times your issued credentials were verified by looking at the clicks breakdown.

Verify credential issuer - Certifier features

Verify credential issuer

Create trustworthy certificates that viewers can verify with one click to check issuer status and credential validity.

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Recipient Wallet Experience

Access credentials 24-7 - Certifier features

Access issued credentials 24/7

All credentials issued with Certifier are accessible 24/7, so your recipients can see them at any time, from any time zone. 

Share credentials qr code - Certifier features

Share credentials with a QR code

When recipients share credentials, others can quickly verify the certificate's validity with a QR code scan.

Report mistake - Certifier features

Report a mistake

If recipients find an error in their credentials, they can reach out and request a change from their portal.

Multi-language wallet - Certifier features

Navigate better with a multi-language wallet

Enable recipients to view credential pages in their native or preferred language, enhancing navigation.

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You have questions? We’ve got answers!

Need Help? Contact Support

Can I personalize certificates with dynamic attributes?

Yes, Certifier allows you to personalize certificates with dynamic attributes. You can generate hundreds of certificates from a Google spreadsheet or MS Excel, ensuring each certificate is tailored to the recipient.

Is it possible to design certificates and badges with my brand's identity?

Absolutely! With Certifier's Visual Design Builder, you can easily edit the graphic layout and text, add your logo, choose from templates, or upload a custom background to ensure your certificates and badges reflect your brand's identity.

How can I distribute certificates and badges efficiently?

Certifier enables you to send emails with credentials in bulk, using a visual builder to create personalized emails. You can customize the sender's details and even add CC, BCC, and Reply-To addresses for efficient distribution.

Can recipients share their certificates on social media?

Yes, recipients can share their achievements on various social media platforms, including LinkedIn, thanks to Certifier's social sharing features. This not only empowers your recipients but also enhances your organization's visibility.

What management tools does Certifier offer for issued certificates?

Certifier provides comprehensive credential management tools, allowing you to handle change requests, use advanced filters for easy searching, set and update expiration dates, and control the status of your certificates.

How does Certifier help in tracking and analyzing certificate engagement?

With tracking and analytics features, you can monitor credential delivery, track interactions and stats, view change history, and receive monthly performance reports to understand the impact of your certification program.

What integrations and API capabilities does Certifier offer?

Certifier integrates with over 5,000 apps via Zapier, supports automated workflows, offers API technical support, and allows for extensive customization and functionality through its powerful API.

How does Certifier ensure the security and compliance of the certificates?

Certifier is committed to security and compliance, offering GDPR-compliant certificate creation, customizable SLAs, and the option for a special security review to ensure your data and your recipients' information are protected.